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Where It Came From

I’ve always been an “outdoors guy” – no that does not mean I want to go live off the land in the woods for a month.  It means I love being outside…skiing, camping, riding my motorcycle as much as my mountain bike.  I love living the Colorado lifestyle, despite the unpredictable nature of the weather.  It is that very weather throwing wrenches into my well laid plans that led me to create QwickStand.

In 2007 I had a rare weekday morning off, and a beautiful late spring day ahead of me.   After checking the weather report as well as the ski report to confirm what I already knew, sunshine and no new snow.  I headed out to Winter Park Ski resort in my jeans and chucks.   

When I arrived, I was shocked to drive into 8” of unplowed snow in the parking lot. Gotta love that Colorado weather, right?  I attempted to do the ever-so-common and ever-so-frustrating simple task of changing into my gear in the parking lot to avoid the lodge.   (who goes in there anyway?)  Although I am an advanced skier, by the time I was done fumbling into my gear, the 8” of unplowed snow had already beat me down.  My chucks, their laces, the bottoms of my jeans and both my ski socks as well as the socks I left the house in were damp.   I not only skied in wet ski socks all day, but also knew I  was going to have to get back into wet cloths for the 90+ minute drive home.  Oh well, I would cross that bridge in a few hours.

Over the next few years, when I got ready to ski, mountain bike, hike, or even golf, I’d look around the parking lots and see dozens of other people having the same struggle, I call it the one Legged hop!!! – From my peers to parents with their children, we were all doing the same thing.  During this time, I tried flattened cardboard boxes, plastic bags from the grocery store, old towels and tee shirts,  and nothing ever worked, kept me dry or could be re-used.   My car mat was the closest thing to success I experienced but when I put the mat back in the car my floor ended up getting wet and dirty.  There had to be a something better…

I spent the past year trying different materials, shapes, sizes, ways of carrying and storing the mat and I finally created a foldable design and mat that my friends and I agree works.  The side that touches the ground only touches the ground, keeping the clean side clean and the dirty wet side where it should be; away from you and your things.  All of this is held together by a locking carabiner so the mat can be easily transported, used, cleaned or dried anywhere, anytime.

No matter what your activity, you’re going to need some hassle free ground to stand on.  Quick, clean and worry free, QwickStand has you covered.



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