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Love My Qwickstand

A.K.A Testimonials

"The mats are great. We used them all week as we carved. Worked great for our knees and our butts. I have a few pictures of us using them that I will get forwarded to u after the event."

Team Breck

"Attached are 3 "real-life" pics of us using our new QwickStands this weekend.  We LOVED them!  As I mentioned before getting 3 daughters ready for the slopes is always an adventure...but I will attest that the QwickStands were a whole lot easier than having them stand on the bumper like we normally do!  Two pics getting boots on, one with all three girls taking them off at taken at Hoodoo Ski Area in Oregon."

"The package with our QwickStands arrived last week and they're awesome. My kids used it when we went out for skiing & snowboarding today. Thanks a lot, very good quality."


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