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I Wish I Had...

Gear bag

Unless you’ve got the balance of a tight rope circus performer, this is not going to be easy to stand on and, if you can stand on it, then you end up dragging mud and/or wetness back into the car with you.  

Towel, tees or blanket

These things are designed to get wet and stay wet for a while…and we usually forget about them until they give us a fragrant reminder that it wasn’t a good option.

A piece of carpet

Not a bad idea, in theory…it may work once or twice but carpets were not meant to be outside and the woven mesh on the bottom eventually gives way to water.  Plus, it’s tough to dry, which means you’ll be left with a big stink in your car.

A tarp or plastic bags

They’re plastic and keep things from getting wet, so it seems like an option…until you try using them on a windy day and realize you can’t pin it down. Or you try using it on a cold day and your feet turn as blue as the tarp.

A car mat

If you drive an old car, enjoy dirt and mud and don’t mind the smell of wet carpet/feet while you motor, this may be an option for you. However, the rest of us use car mats to keep dirt out of our cars, not trap it in to our cars.



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